Health 2000 (Guyana) Inc., located in Georgetown, Guyana specializes in Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Products and Medical Supplies. Our team of dedicated professionals has a significant understanding of health and approaches same in a holistic manner. We take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality, affordable products to our customers and thus lead our competitors in this area as well as in the delivery of superior customer service.


We offer high quality generic products upheld by strict government standards in therapeutic equivalence, quality, purity, efficacy and safety that meet extensive regulatory standards at affordable prices.  With our in-house pharmacist we are able to offer knowledgeable service.


We are dedicated to providing organic eco-friendly products, traditional agro-chemicals and agro supplies to produce quality crops and minimize environmental detriment. In line with our mandate of preserving the environment, H2K Guyana has taken the initiative by expanding research and partnerships into the agricultural sector with our organic Innovative Eco-Care Microbial Balancing Technology (IEC MBT) products.

H2K Guyana also offers agro supplies that are unparalleled in quality as they are manufactured to the highest standard and are guaranteed to last longer than their counter parts on the market. We believe that quality should not be compromise and thus farmers and other users of our supplies are guaranteed greater benefit and profit.

Our experienced team of agricultural specialists include farmers, professors and accredited scientists in different countries working together on farms, trials, collaborating research and IDEA’s to promote a unified holistic approach to agricultural issues that will restore our ecology and produce healthier yields in the future.

Medical Supplies

We strive to meet the standards of the branded products without compromising quality at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves in combining advanced research and development along with quality assured manufacturing procedures. H2K Guyana guarantees the quality of all of our products by ensuring strict quality control guidelines, regulatory compliance and firm sterilization procedures during the entire manufacturing process. Our production facilities are accredited by:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)

National Drug Authority (NDA)

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

International Dispensary Association (IDA)

CE and ISO Certified

Our mission is to serve hospital pharmacies, independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical distributors, doctors’ offices, managed care providers and home healthcare facilities. H2K Guyana’s continued commitment to providing products will help healthcare professionals worldwide, improve patient care and extend healthcare delivery to more people and more places.