According to the United Nations, there are over 7.1 billion people currently sharing Earth's land and resources as of May 2013 , 8 billion by 2025, 10 billion by 2083.

Experts predicted that the strain on the earth's resources will intensify with the basic necessities of food and water on the list of expected shortages.

Health 2000 Agro (H2K-Agro) mandate to protect the environment and improve human life is in-Sync with global calls for food security and will strive to play its part in this regards.

Already established as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceuticals, Medical supplies, OTC

and Veterinary products, Health 2000 has invested and partnership under their Agricultural Division Agro 2000 ( A2K ) to bring back the focus to sustainable farming and agriculture as its contribution to food security.

Our plan is to work with farmers and government officials on all fronts ranging from Agricultural supplies

and accessories to Sustainable Eco-friendly and organic farming.

Our aim is to educate and make aware on the benefits of sustainable agriculture using our innovative Fertilizers, Bio-Stimulants and MBT Microbial Technology, Advanced Crop Watering Management Systems, for maximum yields, without harming our fragile eco-system.

Our innovative system prepares and enriches the soil from a microbial level which gives crops an added advantage in ever changing global adverse weather conditions and thus a better return on investment

for our partners, the farmers.

We secure only the best quality products that proudly display accreditations and designations such as

OMRI, ECO-CERT and ISO 2000.

Through field test and Green-Farming Programs, A2K Agro 2000 will strive to promote sustainable farming.

Our Goal is to make each region food self-sufficient to deal with the issue of shortages through accessible products and effective responsible farming.